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A rainwater harvesting system will save you money, as well as helping the environment. It comprises a storage tank which can be buried under car parks, a garden or under a path, drive or patio. It collects water from the roof, filters off leaves and other debris, and stores it.

Then, when you flush the toilet or run the outside taps, a pump in the tank comes on automatically.

 stormbank diagram

stormbank diagram 2

The system holds about 3 weeks worth of water, depending on the size of the building. Because the tank can also be topped up by the water mains, it should not run dry. If the tank gets too full after a lot of heavy rain, an overflow pipe discharges the excess to a soakaway.

A rainwater harvesting system starts saving you water immediately, and will do so for many years, with minimal upkeep and maximum reliability. If only half the homes in the UK had rainwater harvesting we could save billions of litres of water, helping the environment and preventing flooding.

Larger Premises - Schools, Hospitals, Offices, Factories, Retail

A typical commercial larger premises system, for example StormBank® Pro from Hydro International, is avaliable in a range of sizes depending on the roof area. Each system comprises a storage tank, water filter and control panel offering easy installation and minimal maintenance at competitive prices.

Depending on size and premises requirements, commercial systems can be sited under vehicle yards, landscaping and other suitable locations to allow optimum use of ground area. The largest commercial system can be computer connected to the building's management system. All systems have mains water back-up for when rainwater runs low.

Builders & Installers

For more information on the installation of the Hydro StormBank™ rainwater harvesting system, please ring 01275 337977, or visit

Save Rainwater

Find out how to fit a simple rainwater harvesting system that could save you up to half your water bills.


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